I’ve been into wrestling and pop culture all my life. You might even say that I’ve been wrestling with pop culture since I was a child. Wrestling is obviously a big part of pop culture, and has been for decades. Having written about wrestling and other aspects of pop culture for such publications as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, accessAtlanta, Creative Loafing, Stomp and Stammer and the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family of magazines, I decided that I wanted to do something that combined my love of wrestling with my fanaticism for pop culture in general. And thus Wrestling with Pop Culture was born.

Though I don’t see any reason to create any boundaries between wrestling and the other things I like, my mission is to cover wrestling and its relation to other forms of entertainment such as film, music, art, comics, toys and books. As a wrestling fan, I figure that if I like it, other wrestling fans will also like it.

Whether you are a wrestling junkie or just have a passing interest, I hope you’ll enjoy the absurdity that ensues when you delve into this wacky world a little further.

– Jonathan Williams, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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