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Plaza Theatre fundraising festivities include “Valley Girl,” “Godzilla vs. Megalon” and more

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Plaza Theatre fundraising festivities include “Valley Girl,” “Godzilla vs. Megalon” and more

Posted on 26 April 2012 by Jonathan Williams

Charitably costumed fun begins tonight with the Save the Plaza March

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Evangeline the Scream Queen

The Chameleon Queen changes her colors for Dragon*Con performance with the Last Dance

Posted on 01 September 2011 by Jonathan Williams

By Jonathan Williams When the Last Dance performed at Dragon*Con in 2007, the band was joined onstage by burlesque vixen Diamond Ice for an added visual presence thanks to her fan dance. Though that performance  would indeed prove to be her final frolic with the Last Dance, this year she changes her exterior to join the goth rock favorite […]

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Minette Magnifique in Prohibition Exhibition

Minette Magnifique gets a little uninhibited with “Prohibition Exhibition”

Posted on 23 June 2011 by Jonathan Williams

By Jonathan Williams As classy as they are sassy, the lovely ladies of Minette Magnifique make their Warren City Club debut tonight with Prohibition Exhibition: Making the Illicit Explicit. As if Minette wasn’t already tantalizing enough, this show explores titillating taboos and vexing vices that only these vixens dare uncover. And if previous performances are any indication, things […]

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Steampunk gathers even more steam with STEAMFest and Clockwork Carnival

Posted on 07 April 2011 by Jonathan Williams

Over the past few years, steampunk has grown from a niche attraction at fantasy conventions and other geek gatherings to a nation-wide movement incorporating post-apocalyptic accessories such as tubes, goggles and various pieces of recycled and repurposes bric-a-brac into Victorian-era garb hued in browns, grays and striped patterns. A direct spin-off of the cyberpunk literary […]

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