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Wrestling with Pop Culture presents Culture Shock with Monstrosity Championship Wrestling and Cancerslug

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Wrestling with Pop Culture presents Culture Shock with Monstrosity Championship Wrestling and Cancerslug

Posted on 21 June 2016 by Jonathan Williams

Culture Shock IIWrestling with Pop Culture celebrates its fifth anniversary with Culture Shock, featuring the stars of Monstrosity Championship Wrestling and the horror punk stylings of Cancerslug! See MCW favorites such as Papa Marko, “The Wretched” Trever Aeon, the Chattanooga Wolfman, the Carolina Lizardman, Logan “Cyborg” Creed, the “Sun Tanned Demon” Drew Game, Uncle Sambo and MCW Underworld Champion “The Lethal Dose” Stryknyn as they return to Hell one last time at The Masquerade. Hear the sleazy sinister sounds of Cancerslug, featuring Doyle vocalist Alex Story, in what could be the band’s last Atlanta performance ever. Dance the night away with Ascension’s DJ Lechter after the main event.

Get there early for a special meet-and-greet with former Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, former National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion and 27-time WWE Hardcore Champion Raven from 8 p.m.-9 p.m.

There will also be raffle prizes including tickets to upcoming Masquerade events such as The Wrecking Ball, as well as several great vendors including The Casket Creatures, Horror in Clay, Monster Joe Coffee, Doogah Music and Alternative Good Vapor.

Tickets are only $10 in advance and $13 at the door. Go to the Facebook invitation to let us know you’re coming!

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Wrestling with Pop Culture presents Culture Shock

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Wrestling with Pop Culture presents Culture Shock

Posted on 02 March 2015 by Jonathan Williams

Culture ShockWrestling with Pop Culture celebrates its fourth anniversary with an extravaganza of wrestling, music and other entertainment in Heaven at The Masquerade on Friday, March 13, hosted by Needless Things‘ Phantom Troublemaker and Ghouella Deville!

In their debut event, the ladies of ROAR Women’s Pro Wrestling take you to heaven with all-female action featuring the Bullet Club’s Amber O’Neal Gallows and Amanda Rodriguez taking on Devyn Nicole and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding‘s Priscilla Kelly, Jessie Belle vs. Sara Dox, and Dementia D’Rose challenging Resistance Pro Women’s Champion Mickie “Moose” Knuckles.

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment pits Team Jimmy Rave (Rave, Murder One, Raphael King and the “No Pain Train” Iceberg) against Team Chip Day (Day, Kyle Matthews, Mike Cruz and Resistance Pro Heavyweight Champion and Strong Style Heavyweight Champion Sugar Dunkerton) in its main event. Owen Knight takes on Jake Hughes and Put Over the World (Caleb Konley and Zane Riley) takes on The Circle of Disrespect (Francisco Ciatso and Simon Sez, with Kevin Pierce) in other AWE action.

In a special Friday the 13th frightful feature match, Monstrosity Championship Wrestling Underworld Champion “The Lethal Dose” Stryknyn defends his title against “The Violence Artist” Trever Aeon. Other MCW stars such as the Wolfmen, Papa Marko, End Zone (with Quozzy Quozzbourne), the cyborg Logan Creed and Total Wrestling Entertainment Champion Drew Game will also be part of the event, with commentary by DeWitt Dawson and Son of Celluloid‘s Nathan Hamilton!

Ascension’s DJ Lechter spins industrial, goth, rock, hip-hop and metal between matches, with a sideshow performance by Captain & Maybelle (as seen on America’s Got Talent and The Hunger GamesCatching Fire)!

Atlanta Beverage Company will be launching its new Day of the Dead beer at this event. Get there early for a meet and greet with the stars of the show, including former WWE SmackDown General Manager and National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Famer Teddy Long! Bring some extra spending money because there will also be plenty of amazing raffle prizes including tickets to upcoming events at the Masquerade, monstrous monkey artwork from Munkeytown, the creepy creations of BonesArt, CDs from industrial rock band Synchro Nine Factor and more. Doors open at 8 p.m. Bell time is 9 p.m. Tickets are only $13 in advance, $15 at the door and can be purchased here.

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Chambers of Horror’s Dr. Splatter discusses Operation Phoenix, MCW and other depravity

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Chambers of Horror’s Dr. Splatter discusses Operation Phoenix, MCW and other depravity

Posted on 15 October 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Chambers of HorrorDr. Dieter von Splechter (better known to us dumb Americans as Dr. Splatter) is the sick and twisted mind behind TORTUREco, an exclusive organization that offers its members the most extreme experiences in pleasure and pain. Each October, TORTUREco’s Chambers of Horror facility opens its doors to the general public, allowing a peek into the perversions that take place within. After literally going underground last year, it appears that Chambers of Horror has found an unlikely supporter this year in the form of the United States government. Those brave enough to venture inside will witness the chaotic creations of Operation Phoenix, which many suspect to be a cover for the Project TCO138 super soldier project. On Oct. 15, when Chambers of Horror and Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse team up once again to present Monstrosity Championship Wrestling, rumor has it some of these creatures will be battle tested against MCW’s top competitors. In what I think is his first public interview ever, Dr. Splatter talks to (and berates) Wrestling with Pop Culture about the TCO138 rumors, MCW and other attractions taking place at Chambers of Horror this month.

First off, great job on this year’s attraction. After what happened last year at Chambers of Horror, I didn’t think things could get any more intense. But you’ve sunken to extreme new lows this year.

I’ve seen your pathetic so-called “blog” and you say I’ve sunken to an all-new low? Ha! No, but let’s be serious now, you do suck.

President Barack Obama has made many questionable decisions during his time in office. But Operation Phoenix could be his most controversial act yet. How did this collaboration come about and how do you respond to the rumors of its ties to a super soldier project called TCO138?

Obama and I go way back. He actually used to be a client here at TORTUREco. Jesus fucking Christ, the things he would do! He once made an entire trench coat out of ass cheeks. It was quite breathtaking, really. Michelle knitted me a scarf made from dried ligaments one year for Christmas. As far as the rumors go about a  super soldier project, well that’s a tight-lipped project. But I can say I do love my Obama checks. And so do the ladies at the Clermont Lounge.

I had a chance to speak briefly to Major Hank Hammer, the man appointed to oversee this your project, recently. All he would tell me, however, is that the president is a very nice guy. Why the secrecy?

Dr. Splatter makes some sort of deal with Major Hank Hammer and a former TORTUREco client.

Dr. Splatter makes some sort of deal with Major Hank Hammer and a former TORTUREco client.

They think of me as somewhat of a black sheep in the political social circle jerk. They believe my tactics and actions in the past would leave a bad taste in the people’s mouths. They haven’t tasted the load I’m about to drop in their mouths, so we’ll see how long this secrecy lasts.

A collaboration between TORTUREco and the U.S. government seems like one of the most unlikely partnerships in human history. And after my recent visit to Chambers of Horror, I can’t help but question the true intentions of everyone involved.

Let’s put it this way, I like money, blood and the sound of screams echoing through hallways. Any sketchy behavior or threats you may have experienced during your visit were sincere.

Not quite as odd, but still a little strange, was the recent partnership between you and Professor Morté’s Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse at a Monstrosity Championship Wrestling event. The two of you will join forces again on Oct. 15 as MCW makes its Chambers of Horror debut. What can wrestling fans, TORTUREco members and everyone else expect at this event? Will we see some of these super soldiers and other creations in action?

What you will see Wednesday night is some of the most horrible displays of sick and twisted depravity. There will be plenty of monsters and creations galore! It’s going to be a blood bath!

Given what has taken place at Chambers of Horror over the years, I would imagine underground fight clubs have certainly been part of the depravity that goes on. Have you had prior involvement with professional wrestling in this form?

Professor Morté and Dr. Splatter form a somewhat unlikely alliance at MCW. Photo by Harold Jay Taylor/Headlocks and Headshots.

Professor Morté and Dr. Splatter form a somewhat unlikely alliance at MCW. Photo by Harold Jay Taylor/Headlocks and Headshots.

Through our various TORTUREco entities that have popped up throughout Europe, we have definitely delved into many underground scenes that are questionable to the masses. In those days we would have some of the biggest, bloodiest brawls that would make Brad Pitt roll over and spit out the cock he has buried in his ass.

Finally, TORTUREco has other entertainment scheduled throughout the month for those taking tours of the facility. What can you tell me about upcoming Splatter Cinema screenings, band performances and whatnot?

On top of the MCW event, we also will have performances from the ghastly and gory Casket Creatures this Friday with DJ Rev. Andy blasting the tunes between sets. Every Tuesday we will be playing late-night movies such as HellraiserPumpkinhead and Halloween III. Also check our Facebook page for other events and performers such as Capt. Stab Tuggo & Maybelle, who are some truly sick and twisted people.


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Monstrosity Championship Wrestling at Chambers of Horror

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Monstrosity Championship Wrestling at Chambers of Horror

Posted on 06 October 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Monstrosity Championship Wrestling at Chambers of HorrorWrestling with Pop Culture presents Monstrosity Championship Wrestling at Chambers of Horror! After teaming up to take down the Kentucky WolfmanChattanooga Wolfman, Pappy Wolfman and Rev. John Beeman, Chambers of Horror and Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse join forces once again to bring MCW to those waiting to enter TORTUREco’s facility. In addition to Dr. Dieter von Splechter’s creations and Professor Morté‘s monstrosities, you’ll see MCW favorites such as MCW Champion “The Lethal Dose” Stryknyn, the face of MCW Dragula, “The Leatherback of Notre Dame” End Zone, “Violence Artist” Trever AeonPapa Marko and the Wolfmen in action. But who knows what sort of competitors will emerge from the depths of TORTUREco to do battle inside the MCW ring? Be there to find out! Action starts at 9 p.m. Oct. 15. Use promo code MCW2014 at Xorbia Tickets or at the door for $3 off admission to see MCW and go through Chambers of Horror! And go to the Facebook invitation to let us know you’ll be there. 


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The Belligerent Monkey finds a comfortable habitat at Monstrosity Championship Wrestling

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The Belligerent Monkey finds a comfortable habitat at Monstrosity Championship Wrestling

Posted on 12 September 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Belligerent MonkeyWrestling with Pop Culture always loves a good pop culture parody. So when I was introduced to the work of the Belligerent Monkey (aka Jay Hornsby) by Needless Things‘ Phantom Troublemaker, I became an instant fan. From unlikely mashups of Guns N’ Roses and Super Mario Bros. and Pabst Blue Ribbon and various sci-fi franchises to the zombification of Gone with the Wind, this Monkey not only has my nerdy interests in mind, but also an oddly entertaining sense of humor. The Belligerent Monkey’s work was recently on display at the Drive-Invasion and has a permanent home at the Village Theatre. For those attending the Monstrosity Championship Wrestling event on Sept. 12, the Belligerent Monkey will not only be one of the vendors, but will also have items in the MCW raffle. And over the next few weeks he will be involved with some of Atlanta’s best fall festivals and will even take the the Village Theatre stage himself on Sept. 19. Here, Wrestling with Pop Culture sits down with the Monkey for a quick discussion about his work and upcoming events.

First of all, explain the name the Belligerent Monkey.

We bought a house about ten years ago and in the basement was a floor-to-ceiling wraparound tiki bar that was in pretty rough shape. After we moved in, we spent the first year or so fixing it up. We decided we had to to give the bar a name and we came up with the Belligerent Monkey. So originally it was the name of our basement bar. Then I had a chance to share a booth with some friends at the East Atlanta Strut festival, probably around 2004 or 2005. I had already been doing paintings on the side and some friends asked if I wanted to split a booth and join them at the festival. I said, “Sure.” I was going to Vegas the next weekend, so I figured if I sold one painting I’d have a little extra cash for the trip. I brought some paintings, but I needed a name. I couldn’t think of a new one right off the top, so I just used the bar’s name and it’s stuck ever since.

So you’ve been doing this for a little while then?

Belligerent MonkeyYeah. I’ve been doing it for a while. The more you do it, the more you learn. I look back on the first few tries and I was woefully unprepared. Luckily I had some friends that helped out. Like I said, the first one was right before I went to Vegas and I ended up selling almost everything I brought. That was the point that the light bulb went off and I realized I could paint something and someone would pay for it. So I’ve been doing it ever since.

Was it always the same sort of pop culture parody stuff or has it changed over the years?

Oh, it’s definitely changed. I do different series of paintings. I’ll get into something and do three, four, ten paintings in a similar style or similar subject. Then I’ll get a little bored with that and move on to something else. So I can kind of look at my prints and see, “Oh, yeah. That was the zombie series” or “That was the PBR takeoffs of classic ads series,” or whatever it may be. I kind of bounce around a little bit.

What have you been working on most recently?

Belligerent MonkeyMost recently I’ve been doing really high contrast with pictures with logos or words behind it. It’s hard do describe, but it’s basically taking photos and doing a really high contrast version of it to where it’s black and white. Then, in all the negative white space, I’m filling in with logos, symbols or words.

Is that mostly what you will have at the MCW show?

I’ll have a little bit of everything. A long time ago I started doing prints, so I always have prints of my older work. I have a magnet press, so I hand press all my magnets. Once I do a painting, typically I will make a print and magnet of it. So if I no longer have the actual painting itself, I still have the image either as a print or a magnet. At MCW I’ll have a mix of stuff. Probably a lot of monster and zombie type stuff, a lot of sci-fi and pop culture type stuff, a lot of Star Wars and that sort of thing.

When I ran into you at Drive-Invasion you mentioned that your work has a permanent home at the Village Theatre, right?

Yeah. Those guys have been super supportive of me. I’ve known a lot of them from before they started the Village Theatre. Right before they opened they basically gave me a wall in the theatre and said it was mine to hang whatever I wanted. So I’ve been in both locations; the old location underneath Lenny’s and now the new location in the Pencil Factory Flats. Those guys are super great, super funny and super supportive of me.

I understand you will also be performing in one of their improv shows next weekend.

Belligerent MonkeyA week after the MCW show they’ve got me on their weekly Friday Armando show. Every Friday they have someone come in to tell stories and they take those stories and act them out. Hopefully they’ll make them a lot funnier than I tell them. It’s improv comedy, but they have standup there as well. The have different themes on different nights. But Friday is their Armando show where they have new guests come in every week and they take suggestions from the crowd and the guests will have to tell a story from their life based on one of the suggestions. Based on that story, the actors will do improv.

Is your work on display anywhere else?

Right now I still have a few things at Criminal Records. I’ve been a Dakota Blue for the last couple of years, but they just switched things out. So right now I’m at Village Theatre and Criminal Records. Also, HomeGrown in Decatur has some of my stuff. So I’ll be at MCW Sept. 12, the Village Theatre Sept. 19 and on Sept. 27 I’ll be at the East Atlanta Strut. On Oct. 18 is the Little 5 Points Halloween Festival & Parade. I’ve been doing that for the last five or six years. For those who don’t know, there really is an artist market. It’s kind of hidden back behind everything on Euclid.


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Crash Dragon gets fired up for performance with Monstrosity Championship Wrestling

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Crash Dragon gets fired up for performance with Monstrosity Championship Wrestling

Posted on 09 September 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Photo by Haley Hagle.

Photo by Haley Hagle.

Kennesaw, Ga. is known for a lot of things, but fire-breathing reptiles aren’t usually on that list. But when vocalist Dami Umling, bassist Bryce Sailors, drummer Phil Wirsig and guitarists Stuart Lyle and Ryan McKay decided to form their own Kennesaw-based band, Crash Dragon was born. With regular performances at Atlanta venues such as The Loft, Vinyl and the Masquerade, Crash Dragon’s brand of pop rock has garnered the band a strong following in it’s relatively short existence. Having recently competed in the Masquerade’s Musician’s Showcase, the band returns to the Masquerade for a very different type of event on Sept. 12. In between Monstrosity Championship Wrestling matches, the band will perform catchy songs such as “Poison” and “Where We Belong”. As the band prepares for perhaps its strangest show to date, Wrestling with Pop Culture chats with its members about video games, monster movies and more.

I’ve only recently seen Crash Dragon perform. How long have you been a band and how did you come together?

Umling: We’ve been a band for a little over a year now. We all met because most of us go to [Kennesaw State University]. We were actually playing Rock Band one day and we were like, “We should just start a regular band.” Then we did and it was awesome!

What were some of your favorite things to play on Rock Band?

Umling: Pearl Jam!

Sailors: Some of us liked to play Pearl Jam.

Umling: Bryce loves Pearl Jam.

How did you come up with the name Crash Dragon? Is that a reference to a video game or something?

Lyle: That’s actually a funny story.

Umling: No. It’s really not that funny of a story. We wrote a bunch of words down on a piece of paper and picked out two of them. They sounded cool, but there’s no meaning behind it, really.

Sailors: It’s just a cool name.

Umling: I mean, it works out because my two favorite video games are Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, but that’s not the premise behind it at all.

Maybe on a subconscious level it had something to do with it. 

Umling: Yeah, maybe. If we’re reaching for something, then, yeah.

You’ve performed at the Masquerade and other Atlanta venues numerous times. Last month you competed in Musician’s Showcase competition. How did you end up doing in that?

Photo by Haley Hagle.

Photo by Haley Hagle.

Umling: That was our first battle of the bands-type thing. Usually we just play regular shows.

Lyle: We made it to the finals of the Masquerade Musician’s Showcase, which was really exciting.

This will be your first time performing at an MCW event. How much do you know about what you’re getting yourselves into and what are you anticipating this Friday?

Umling: We really don’t know a lot about what it is. They asked us to play it and we were intrigued.

Sailors: We’re excited to play it.

Umling: Yeah, we are. In my mind I just see a bunch of monsters wrestling. And I really hope that’s what it is.

That’s exactly what it is. There are wolfmen, vampires, zombies and even a few human wrestlers.

Umling: Awesome! Sweet! I’m so excited.

Sailors: Alright!

Umling: I totally want to zombify myself on stage.

Professor Morté is the one who performs all the monster magic, so he will be happy to perform some magic on you as well. He can bring out your inner dragons or whatever else might be hiding inside you.

Umling: I want to be a mummy dragon.

Wirsig: I want to be a zombie dragon.

Are you particularly interested in wrestling, horror movies or anything like that?

Lyle: I get scared easily. But Dami is a big horror movie fan.

Umling: I love scary movies. It’s one of favorite genres of movies. I force everyone else to watch them and Stuart gets scared. Stuart will probably be scared this Friday. If anyone’s wearing a mask, Stuart’s going to be scared.

Lyle: Yeah, that’s probably how it’s going to go.

Chambers of Horror will be involved with this event. Some of those guys wear some weird masks.

Umling: Don’t worry, Stuart. We’ll protect you.

Lyle: Oh, thank you!

You mentioned one of your influences when we were talking about Rock Band, but tell me more about the bands that inspired you to start Crash Dragon.

Lyle: I’d say we’re inspired by a mix of alternative rock with some classic rock influence in there. We have a female vocalist, so that gives us a really unique sound.

Umling: We all listen to different stuff, really. There are certain bands we all like, but we all listen to different stuff across the spectrum. We pull influence from a lot of different things. We’ve heard people say we’re a mashup of Paramore, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer, but we also do have a lot of classic rock influences. We play whatever we think sounds good.

Wirsig: I don’t think we’ve ever sat down and been like, “We’re influenced or inspired by this artist” or whatever. We just kind of go with it and see what happens.

Sailors: Usually it’s just like, “Hey. Check out this funky bass line” or “Hey. I wrote a song on guitar” and we just kind of work from there.

What I’ve noticed most about your sound is that almost anyone will enjoy some aspect about it, or at least not completely dislike it.

Crash DragonUmling: We have a lot of different-sounding songs. I wouldn’t say we have one cohesive sound. We have a song that has kind of a reggae  feel to it, we have songs that are more classic rock, songs that are more pop. We definitely have something for everyone.

Do you have an other shows coming up after the MCW event on Friday?

Lyle: Currently, no. After this show we’re going to focus on recording a few more songs. We put out an EP recently and we’d like to build our way up to a full album.

Umling: The three songs from our EP are available for free download on SoundCloud and ReverbNation, as well as free physical copies at the show.

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Monstrosity Championship Wrestling 9/12/14

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Monstrosity Championship Wrestling with Crash Dragon

Posted on 27 August 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Monstrosity Championship Wrestling 9/12/14Monstrosity Championship Wrestling is joining forces with Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, Chambers of Horror and Professor Morté’s Silver Scream Spookshow for the official kickoff to the haunt and Halloween season! See rivalries renewed as the Kentucky Wolfman seeks vengeance upon the face of MCW Dragula and the Chattanooga Wolfman goes after fan favorite “Nature Boy” Paul Lee! Papa Marko summons the AZA zombies, the Frankensteiner Brothers emerge from the depths of the Chambers of Horror and Crash Dragon provides musical enterainment. Also in action, the undead football phenom “The Leatherback of Notre Dame” End Zone (with Quozzy Quozzbourne), MCW Champion “The Lethal Dose” Stryknyn, the argyle assassin Drew Game, the purveyor of doom Trever Aeon and more. Plus, Needless Things‘ Phantom Troublemaker and Miss Monstrosity will have horrific raffle prizes including tickets to upcoming shows at the Masquerade, The Casket Creatures T-shirts and CDs, Stardust Adult Stores gift cards, Wicked Training gift cards, comics and other prizes from Zenescope Entertainment, artwork by Belligerent Monkey, scary sculptures by BonesArt and more. Get there early to see Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment‘s Murder One take on “Do or Die” Chip Day as soon as doors open. It all takes place Sept. 12 in Hell! Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets are only $10 in advance, $13 at the door for this all-ages extravaganza. Go to the Facebook invitation to let us know you’re going.

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